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How to use place cards at a small gathering

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How to use place cards at a small gathering

 Depending on the occasion, place cards can be formal or informal.

At a large wedding, place cards point your guests to their allocated seating, and they also help the waiting staff, making it easier to serve.

Now, when it comes to a small dinner party, you might be asking if you need place cards at all, so let me give you a few ideas of why you should incorporate them in your dinner party or buffet table.


 Christmas Table set up featuring a Christmas Tree Place Card in white with a cut out name. Dinnerware and flower arrangements complete the look. Lots of green and red colours.

Incredibly chic tablescape
by the super talented
@the_diningclub on Instagram, using


Place cards at a dinner party

Place cards are welcoming. They show your guests you’ve thought about every single detail of how to keep them happy and entertained, not only by providing delicious food and fabulous looking drinks, but also by setting a fantastic atmosphere and sophisticated table set up.

Fun and original designs are an ice-breaker. If you have chosen to seat two newcomers or single guests together, what a better way to start a conversation than with an unusual place setting? That’s right, talking about the weather is overrated! Plus, they won’t be feeling like they are taking someone else’s place, as everyone will have an assigned seat.

Keep the party energy flowing. You know your guests; you know those who can easily engage in conversation would be better being sat in the middle so they can mingle with both sides of the table and keep the conversation flowing. Equally, you can maintain a distance between guests who are not in the best of terms, but whom you love dearly.

Name cards express your personality and style. Show off your impeccable taste by choosing elements that tie together the overall look of your table.

Place cards are pretty. Be honest, we all love to add those small and pretty finishing touches to our table! And if you choose the right accessories, they will enhance the whole look.


Neutral colour Christmas set up featuring a white tent place card with cut out Antlers at the top. White dinnerware, eucalyptus leaves and candle holder can be seen.

Rustic and neutral table set up
on Instagram, using


Place cards at a buffet table

You can write dietary information. Yes, you can use a plain piece of paper or card, but where’s the fun in that? If you’ve spent lots of time thinking about the right food, the right theme, flowers and accessories, your outfit, the venue, etc. Why not making sure to cover every single detail and add unconventional tent place cards as buffet cards?

Write the name of the food. Go creative with this one. Think of witty names. For example, if your party is Halloween themed, think of ghostly and/or gory names.


Christmas tablescape featuring a tent place card with cut out antlers over a plate, with a red napkin shaped as a rose, flower arrangements can be seen..

Festive table setting by
amazing local business
using our


The verdict

In conclusion, place cards are not only for big events; they are a decorative feature that tie up any tablescape, whether they are for a small gathering of six people, a milestone birthday celebration of thirty family and friends, or a huge wedding with hundreds of guests.


 Easter Bunny place card over an ivory plate with a beige napkin. Gold cutlery, white pillow box and honeycomb Easter eggs complement the table set up.

Casual Easter table featuring



 Cut out rustic pumpkin place card in white over gold cutlery and ivory plates, beige napkin next to them. Handmade in Northampton.

Thanksgiving lunch by @handcraftedcin


Our place cards are carefully made and packed by us in Northampton, using high quality British made papers.

Our versatile tags can also be used as place settings, especially on outdoor settings where it can get windy. Tie them around a napkin, a small bottle, jar or basket, the choice is yours. These can double up as souvenirs or party favours.


 Easter Sunday table featuring a white bunny pillow box next to a beige napkin tie together with an Easter egg tag, over ivory plates. Honeycomb eggs hang from a spring tree.

Easter brunch featuring


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